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My name is Klaini Nkangabeshi, I live in Banda. I am 64 and was once a well known Poacher. I poached in Nyungwe National Park for 18 years. I killed many animals, collected honey and sometimes burned the forest, extracted minerals and collected plants for medicines.

Now I am a porter for Kageno. I help to deliver porridge to the local schools. My Job is part of a program that gives porchers a chance to work at something other then stealing from the forest. I was taught as part of the program to appreciate the forest and understand I need to protect it.

One day on the way to work I found an injured Duiker on the road, I picked him up and carried him to the ranger post to receive treatment. That day that I knew I was an Ex-poacher.

I now have a role in Nyungwe conservation I raise awareness among other community members and work with Park rangers in joint patrols to remove the traps/snares set by poachers to kill wild animals. I have also become a farmer I grow pineapples and have a modern banana plantation. I keep a cow that provides me with manure to fertilize my land and milk to feed my big family.

I raise small livestock like guinea pigs and rabbits as an alternative source of meat. It is no longer necessary to kill park animals. I encourage poachers to abandon their risky and illegal activity and join Kageno. for the best living conditions. I know most of them; it is just a matter of convincing them. I hope that Kageno will also give them employment so they can enjoy a better life and help save the forest.