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I am Harisson Ouru, a 57 year old father of three sons and two daughters.

In September 2012 I attended a social meeting at Kageno’s school. I listened to a speaker who encouraged rural people to develop entrepreneurial skills. I listened keenly as the speaker took the audience through the many possible ways one could get develop a business income.

I had been a fisherman but left because, as the speaker emphasized, the increasing population was putting too much pressure on the fisheries and people needed to look to other industries for income.

I was attracted to the options of agriculture, which was one of the industries the speaker recommended. I began to look for more information on horticulture, especially growing tomatoes a very popular food in Kenya.

The modern ways of farming intrigued a number of us and Kageno brought in a speaker to teach us some of the new methods of farming. I began growing right away and have harvested tomatoes regularly for five years now; thanks to the skills, encouragement, and education I got through Kageno.

I have even received a microloan from Kageno to help grow my farming enterprise. Kageno’s help has enabled me to send all four of my children through school and college.