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My name is Chantal Nyiransabimana. I live in Banda with my daughter. When I was a teenager, I moved to the city of Kigali for work. I became pregnant, but the father abandoned me.

My situation brought great shame to my family, so I hid inside the house. When I gave birth to my daughter Blade. I could not afford health care, food and could not breast-feed my baby. Fortunately, a Kageno health care worker made a home visit; and noticed that Blade was suffering from severe malnutrition. They had me bring Blade to Kageno feeding program. It took a whole year until she got well.

This year Blade was admitted to Kageno’s Nursery school. My wish for her is to study further and specialize in forestry, because all my neighbors who work in Nyungwe have the best well livings My words cannot express the importance of Kageno to my family and Blades future.