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My name is Beata. 8 years ago my husband was killed in a driving accident. I was lost. I was responsible for three babies and had never completed my own education. I did not know what would happen next or what I would have to do to survive. Kageno helped me get death benefits, which helped me to control my life. I sent my children to school and made the decision to return to my own studies. It was hard being in a classroom with teenagers. My family and friends mocked me saying I should leave my studies and see to my children. I followed my conscience and stayed. I made myself excel at school. I would make my children proud. I graduated top of my class and got a job at Kageno as a healthcare worker. I bought a house for my family. Eventually I bought land to farm. I own three cows. Two of them are with poorer families to our mutual benefit. I opened a shop at the Banda trading center. It is very successful. I saw the need for more reliable transportation services. I got a bank loan and started a motorcycle taxi business!

My children are well fed and educated. I have recently become a village leader. I am so proud to help develop and contribute to my beautiful country. I hope to continue at university to study rural development. My thanks to Kageno are uncountable. Kageno ‘’Yo karama’’ meaning to live longer and ever!

Beata is narrated by Maggie Q