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My name is Aminadab and Kageno changed my life. Ten years ago, when Kageno came to our village, my daughters were able to go to the Kageno Nursery School and eat healthy food. One of my daughters, Anuarita, is disabled. Kageno helped pay for her medical treatments and health insurance and now she attends a special school in Gatagara. She is in Primary Four and she can read and walk with crutches on her own! Kageno knew health care fees and schooling was not enough to change our lives so helped us again. They encouraged us to start farming and provide us with the education and means to be successful. Last season we harvested 1,000 pounds of corn! We also bought a cow and some goats. Without Kageno, I don’t know if my family would have survived. I will always be grateful.

Aminidab is narrated by Dylan McDermott